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Without a doubt, today senior executives in every organization are being compelled by events to think in terms of their company's reputation and image and how to manage them. Establishing a solid corporate identity is vital for companies in today's overcrowded market.
Since consumers are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of choices presented to them, it is crucial to differentiate the product or service from the competition. Therefore, the color for corporate identity carries a vital role in terms of the corporate image and reputation.
It is obviously clear that the public's image of a company is largely a result of the user's product experience, which should be supported by an effective communication system.

Format :Kitap
Barkod :9786051486444
Yayın Tarihi :2015-12-31
Yayın Dili :İngilizce
Baskı Sayısı :1.Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı :108
Kapak :Karton
Kağıt :2.Hamur
Boyut :135 X 195
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Yazar   : Hakan Yıldırım
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