• An Overview On GANs
• Comparative Review Of Swot And Pestel Analysis In Terms Of Regional Planning's Effectiveness: A Study On Development Agencies
• Analysis Of The Efficiency Of Regional Development Policies On The Basis Of Regional Development Agencies
• Ict Usage And Digital Skills From The Enterprise Perspective: An Evaluation Of The European Union And Turkey With Entropy-Based Edas Method
• A New Model Approach To Analyzing The Development Levels Of Countries: Data Envelopment Analysis
• Measuring Turkey's Regional Sustainability Based On Inverse Data Envelopment Analysis
• Portfolio Selection With Fuzzy Logic Model
• Game Theory Approach To Inner City Private Transportation Companies
• Genetic Algorithm And Transportation Planning
• Determination Of Optimal Operation Policy For Road Passenger Transport Firms With Simulation And Genetic Algorithm: The Case Of Kilis-Gaziantep
• A Comparison Of Economic And Digital Performances In The G20 Countries Before Covid-19 Pandemic
• Evaluation Of Covid-19 Patients With Chronic Disease By Association Rule Mining
• Bibliometric Analysis Application For Dematel Technique

Format :Kitap
Barkod :9786257210645
Yayın Tarihi :2020-12-21
Yayın Dili :Türkçe
Orjinal Adı :New Approaches in Operational Research
Baskı Sayısı :1.Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı :288
Kapak :Karton
Kağıt :1.Hamur
Boyut :160 X 235
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Yazar   : Ayça Öztekin;N. Tuba Yılmaz Soydan
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