CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1. The Importance Of Study 1.2. The Purpose of Study 1.3. The Problem Statement 1.3.1. Research Questions 1.4. Research Limitations & Assumptions 1.5. Research Study Overview CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1. The VUCA Concept 2.1.1. The VUCA Concept Framework “Volatility” of the VUCA Concept “Uncertainty of the VUCA Concept “Complexity” of the VUCA Concept “Ambiguity” of the VUCA Concept 2.2. The Product Innovation Performance 2.2.1. The Definition and Concept of Innovation 2.2.2. Product Innovation 2.2.3. Product Innovation Performance 2.3. The Automotive Industry 2.3.1. The History of the Automotive Industry 2.3.2. The Technological Developments in Automotive Industry 2.3.3. The Global Automotive Industry The Global Bus & Coach Industry The Turkish Bus & Coach Industry 2.3.4. The Turkish Bus & Coach Industry and The VUCA Concept 2.3.5. The Turkish Bus & Coach Industry and Product Innovation Performance viii Contents CHAPTER 3 MATERIALS AND METHODS 3.1. Research Methodology 3.1.1. Research Model 1.1.1. Research Sample & Participants 3.1.3. Data Collection Procedure 3.1.4. Research Questionnaires & Measurement Resistance to Change Scale Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale Cognitive Flexibility Scale Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale Product Innovation Performance Scale 3.1.5. Data Analysis Methods & Tools CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS

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